Day 28 – Curriculum

I slept pretty well and my walk felt easier today than yesterday and yesterday was pretty easy.

This mornings project was to work on curriculum material for my Girlfriends middle school coding class.  (Website link here. BMS stands for Boeckman Middle School).  I’ve been helping her develop the coursework and for her advanced class and I’ve written the bulk of the material there.  We worked together on the initial proposals to the school for these classes.

Some of her students have finally reached the last new work I wrote and had some good feedback so I’m revising to make things clearer.  I did some revisions based on the feedback and then started adding new material.  I got about half way done and will finish up the new section in an hour or so in the morning.

Overall I feel much better today than a week ago.  I do still struggle with mental focus.  I’m not always aware of this but if I look at a given day, I have a hard time concentrating on various technical projects for as long as I used to.  I make mistakes in the blog calling my respiratory inhaling tool an exhaling tool which my StepDad points out and I then fix.  I’m not taking a lot of pain meds by any means but I am still slightly spacey.  Or maybe if you take one dose of pain meds per day it just makes you spacey.  (Note from the future: it doesn’t.)  I guess I’ll find out when I’m able to stop.  For now it helps me sleep and the sleep is REALLY important.