Special Edition – Mail Bag

I’ve gotten some questions about how this blog works, how I do it regularly, and how much time does it take.

First, I have a file where I type in all of the raw notes for each entry every day.  Sometimes that text is pretty rough.  When I started it was loose notes.  As I’ve gotten more practice, I’ve gotten so the notes are pretty much what shows up in the blog with not so much editing.  This is basically like a diary and became a matter of sanity since the initial editing was taking longer than the note taking.  I also type fast and can get a full days entry done in 5 or 10 minutes.  Again, with practice the writing has gotten easier.  I’m comfortable with the writing voice I’m using and so I don’t really second guess what comes out like I was at the start.

Every few days, I put the entries up on the website.  The blog itself is showing entries from two weeks in the past.  That way, I have two weeks before I have to get today’s entry done so I don’t have a daily deadline except for the notes.

For example, as I’m writing this, it is May 6th.  If this was a regular blog entry, I would schedule it to show up on the site for May 21st.  Right now, I only have up to Day 35 scheduled and ready to go.  I may also be missing some artwork from some previous days that I need to get in before they go live.  I go and check those sorts of things through out the week.  I generally do a bunch of publishing/scheduling on Monday and Thursday.  That is just how it has tended to work out.

Sometimes keeping up with it is harder than others.  When I haven’t been feeling well, it has, of course been harder and I think the writing reflects that.  It feels like a chore then.  Other times it feels easier.  Doing this entry and scheduling it to go live tomorrow as an extra feels fun but this has been a day I have felt good after feeling crummy for a couple of days.

I am surprised I’ve gotten this system to go as smoothly as it has.  In the early days, it took a lot longer to get things to go and I understand there are still some dumb typing errors here and there.  But as my brain has gotten back to normal for longer periods it has gotten smoother.  I’ve also learned a lot in some areas that will be helpful in my business.

Keep the questions coming.  Either comment on posts or click on the “Contact” link at the top of the page and send me a message.