Day 27 – Monday

Slept ok and  didn’t take a second pain pill but 2 aspirin instead.  I’m thinking of skipping pain pills tonight. My chest discomfort is so much less than Friday, especially if I keep my posture straight (whether standing, sitting, or trying to sleep).

I took another mile walk and felt fine after.  Did some cooking that needed to be done when I got back and am now catching up on scheduling a weeks worth of blog posts.  MailChimp got back to me about their email issue.  They reported they are taking it seriously but may not be able to disclose any detail about what was wrong.  I responded with a polite but firm explanation of why I needed to know more so I could evaluate using them vs their competition.  The links from my email that Google marked as dangerous are now working again but I need to understand the problem more.

I experimented with sitting in a straight back chair with one leg raised on another.  It didn’t raise my leg enough nor keep me straight enough so I was a little swollen in my leg and my sternum was more uncomfortable.  Back to the recliner for the rest of the evening.

My appetite was definitely larger today, I presume due to the walk and I was tired by 8 so went to bed.  I watched more of Westworld season 1 and the first new episode of season 2 and went to sleep.