Day 26 – Brunch

I slept ok though I took a second pain pill.  We all went to the Meadowlands in Sloughhouse, CA for brunch which was nice.  It was more a nice drive there than nice food.  I still prefer Roxy on Fair Oaks Blvd (their other restaurant).  After we got back, my Girlfriend and I took a walk outside for about a mile and I felt good.  I’ll continue with daily outside walks every day, continuing a mile a day and gradually increasing that.  Ultimately 2 miles a day should be sufficient for my needs though I’ll need to work in leg strengthening exercises and eventually upper body work as well (after the 3 months post surgery recovery time).

My Girlfriend and I finished watching the first episode of a multi-part documentary on the history of film (The Story of Film:  An Odyssey) and then we all headed to the airport for another farewell.  I have not had my feet up much in the last two days and I think they are ok but I’ll keep them up the rest of the evening.

My chest continues to feel much better than Friday and before.  I don’t understand why it continues to feel better but that feeling like there was a rock in my chest is dramatically better since Friday. I’m just glad I’m still getting better.

I’ll spend some time on my company website refresh that I was starting on before surgery.  That won’t take long then I can start some marketing to get additional clients.  If you know someone who needs website or digital marketing work, especially if they are a non profit, let me know.