Day 25 – Curry

I slept well and didn’t take a second dose of pain meds.  I woke up a couple of times but felt comfortable, so I just went back to sleep.  I feel rested so I think I slept ok considering I went to sleep around 9:30pm after we picked my Girlfriend up from the airport.

I was later surprised by an email from one of my subscribing blog readers that my website had malware.  As it turns out, it looks like Google was complaining about MailChimp links in my weekly blog summary email that MailChimp sends out for me. I manually sent an apology and explanation to my subscribers and opened a ticket with MailChimp support.  I’m annoyed this happened but glad Google thinks my site itself (this site) is ok and glad to learn about what can happen when using MailChimp.  I look forward to finding out what is wrong from their support staff.  I’ll pass along what I find out.

I had a pretty exhausting day and spent more time vertical than sitting on the recliner.  My Girlfriend and I went on a walk by the river.  Not long but I wanted to take a walk where I remembered getting winded the last time I was there.  I wasn’t winded but walking more slowly so I couldn’t quite compare.  It was good to get outside and didn’t feel at all bad.  Then we drove to south Sacramento to my favorite Vietnamese grocery store to get supplies for making curry.  Then stopped by my apartment to pick up some cooking supplies then back to my Moms.  We had a nice afternoon and I made curry for dinner.  Then we all went to Burrs for ice cream.

It was a good day though I was completely exhausted by the end.  Not in pain or anything, just tired.  Speaking of pain, strangely the feeling in my chest I described as being like a stone that was in there a couple of days ago has subsided.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe some days I’ll seem dramatically better vs other days.  I still get tired really easily.  Reading other stories online I understand that is common for a number of reasons and can last 6-12 weeks.  I’ll be patient and keep working on building stamina.