I got my lab work done in preparation for my appointment with the surgeon Friday.  And I’m finishing up a couple of things needed for the Friday launch of my client’s web site.  They are very happy with the work so far and very understanding of their web master’s current medical recovery which is kind of them.  They have been really great to work with.

Weight Chart
Weight Average Chart of My Weight over Time

My weight has been continuing to gradually go down.  This is not due to exercise or dieting in the traditional sense.  I’m never letting myself get hungry but I’m careful with what I eat.  Yesterday’s food was typical.  Two eggs with vegetables and cheese and a thin slice of wheat bread with peanut butter for breakfast.  Chicken/vegetable soup with cheese for lunch.  Dinner was the chicken stuffed with mushrooms and cheese with red sauce plus green salad and a small bowl of fruit.  Plus the required  1oz chocolate ration for mental health.  If I had gotten hungry between meals I would have had some celery and peanut butter. (I don’t like celery but it is a good holder for peanut butter).  Except for the small amount of fruit and the slice of bread, there isn’t much of anything I’m eating that will metabolize directly as sugar and I’m not eating any processed food.

According to the chart I’m losing on average 1.2 lbs per week.  I’ve set a goal of losing 0.8 lbs per week which will get me down to 210lbs by the end of December.  Since I’m losing faster for now it may happen sooner.  The yellow dashed line on the chart is that goal.  If the red line which is a weighted average of the daily weight measurements stays below the yellow line then all is well.

Plus I’ll be adding a lot more exercise as I can.  More walking for now and then some weights once the 3 months is up.  At least that is the plan.  From pencil neck geek to not so pencil neck geek…