Day 21 – Healing Progress

I include side by side photos of my healing chest incision at the bottom.  If you don’t want to see that, don’t scroll all the way down…

My system with the pain meds and sleeping continues to work so I feel rested.  I have enough pills to get me through my Friday appointment with my surgeon and I’ll talk to him about sleeping issues and what to do.  But I’m ok for the rest of the week.

I’ve been thinking about how it has been 3 weeks since surgery and all that has changed in that time.  I’m getting used to a slower pace of life.  For example, the time I put into cooking breakfast is more than I used to.  I would eat ok but I was more rushed.  I don’t have the luxury of rushing now; I need to take things slow.  I don’t get tired anywhere as easily as I did a couple of weeks ago but I take more time at things.

I’ve included a couple of side by side photos to show my healing 3 weeks on vs when I got home by day 6.  I was expecting a much uglier looking wound from what I have seen previously in people who have this surgery.  My surgeon uses super glue to seal the chest.  I imagine it is out of one of those caulking guns from the hardware store but I suspect in real life it is more professional.  I was instructed not to pick at the glue.  That seems obvious but the folks at the hospital have seen some crazy things.

Either way, it sealed me up without requiring stitches or staples and it seems to be healing nicely.  (I really don’t want to know how surgical staples work).  By today, there is still some glue adhering but I can see where it is healing there is just a thin red line.  I’m really curious how it will eventually heal.

Healing Progress
My chest incision healing progress. There is still some superglue on it by day 21.