Day 20 – Still doing well.

I took an extra dose of pain meds around 3:30am which got me comfortable and back to sleep till around 7:30am.  So despite being awake at 10:30pm and a couple other times through the night I got pretty good accumulated sleep.  I’m struck by how my blog seems to be mostly about my sleeping habits.  I look forward to them becoming normalized and boring to me.  I can’t imagine you all are that excited by them…

I chatted with DaughterB about some good news she had at 10:30pm and heard from my Girlfriend when I was awake a couple hours later and she was finally getting home.  Minneapolis had a blizzard Saturday which closed the airport and while her flight got in ok, it was busy there at the airport with everyone catching up on cancelled flights.  I was sad to have missed the blizzard.  I like weather.  California is pretty mild in the weather department.  Except for hot.  California does hot pretty well.

For breakfast I used up the last of the chorizo sausage.  It was amazing.  Uncased chrorizo browned in the pan then 3 eggs and 1/2 avocado sliced over the result.  Yummy.  I had a checkup appointment with my Cardiologist today.  He is a pretty intense guy.  Very smart and skilled and has to work really hard at having good bedside manner.  He doesn’t just emote much.  However, he seemed genuinely delighted that I looked as good as I did, commented I was his easiest case of the day.  He said going forward to email if I had any questions but if there were not changes in symptoms (i.e. if I keep feeling fine) then nothing much to talk about.  I was pleased.  I did a bunch of client work today, or as much as I could, I’m still slow.  But it feels good to be productive.

I am finding it is hard to stay motivated with the blog.  I’m keeping daily notes but turning them into articles is feeling like a chore.  Given these are scheduled two weeks into the future I have a buffer so hopefully before I run out of scheduled articles, I’ll get my act together.