Day 15 – Elevated Feet Again…

I slept pretty well for once from 10pm till around 5:30am though I woke up a few times and went back to sleep.

I went on a longer grocery expedition with my mom and stopped at my apartment to get mail and a couple of things.

MailChimp Paper Buddy
MailChimp Cut Out Paper Dolls

I setup an automated email with MailChimp for people who subscribe to the blog’s mailing list.  Every Saturday an email will go out with links to the prior weeks articles and a note from me.  I’ll update the note weekly but the sending is automatic.  MailChimp is really handy and has a generous free option I’m using.  They also do some fun things.  The “RockOn” monkey fist graphic they show when you launch an email campaign (yesterday’s featured photo).  And I noticed today there was a link to print out and cut out yourself monkey figures with diorama backgrounds to play with while you wait for your email marketing campaign to start.  These aren’t things they needed to do but they are fun and irreverent and make me enjoy the company more.  Good business strategy I think.

My right leg and foot is more swollen.  I didn’t have it elevated as much yesterday or the day before and there is probably a connection.  This part of recovery is pretty annoying to me.  I’d really like to be able to sit like I want, slouched to one side with one or the other foot stuffed under me, at my table, in front of two computer monitors.  I’ll get there.  At least I have adapted to sleeping on my back.

I finally got the little game to run on my iPhone.  The steps are a little kludgy but they make sense and I can make it work.  Then I ran into more screen resolution problems; black bars were showing up at the top and bottom of the screen on iPhone but not iPad.  I eventually found that was a known issue that also had a workaround.  Now I can get back to hooking up the rest of the game stuff.  I’ll fiddle with that more next week.