Day 9 – Thursday

Space Game Thing
Epic battles between White Triangle and the Evil Green Squares.

I had pretty weird sleep.  I went to bed really tired at 8:30pm then woke up at 10:30pm, went to the bathroom then back to sleep till 2am then awake.  I watched what I thought were the final two episodes of The Good Place, waiting for the twist ending, and found there were actually 13 episodes in the first season so save the final 3 for another time.  I don’t recommend you do any research about the show before watching it.  Just start.  It has Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, among others.

Still awake I went back to work on the game.  I got my white triangle to move back and forth under mouse control and started looking at the starfield background.  I naively presumed I could use the built in particle system but I think that is overkill.  How I did it in the original version worked fine but is too simple for this new system as counter-intuitive as that seems.  The “best” solution sounds like using a custom GPU shader and I found a decent high performance example on that I think I can adapt for my purposes.  But I’ll punt on stars for now.  I was tired by 5am and went back to sleep and then awake by 8.

After breakfast we journeyed to my apartment to get mail and I walked up stairs for good measure.  This plus the walk around the house I did left me still fairly tired.

I spent the rest of the day game programming and I’m finding I’m getting bored.  Not with the game but with my current physical limitations of getting tired easily.

After dinner I tried walking 10 more minutes but only got to 5 before I was breathing pretty hard so I stopped that.

I looked at getting the game to run on my iPhone as it is so far and ran into problems.  The new version of the Defold dev environment doesn’t seem to work quite as promised for mobile.  Either I’ll be patient for them to fix issues or my evaluation of this platform may be coming to a close.

My Girlfriend flies in again tomorrow evening which I’m really looking forward to.