Day 8 – Chopped

I had my first follow up doctor appointment today.  This was with my regular doctor, not the specialists.  He was glad to see me doing well and from his perspective everything looked normal.  All of my wounds looked like they should and he agreed I seemed to be doing well.  I was happy.

I continued with my walking around the house and that was easier.  I’m still doing a mix of Tylenol and harder pain meds and I’m staying fairly comfortable.

Michael Chopping VegetablesI chopped all of the vegetables for the roast veg dinner and it was fun but tiring.  I’m not used to standing for so long.  I also had to adjust my technique a bit.  Most vegetables were easy with a sharp knife but I had to be careful with the harder ones like potatoes since I can’t safely exert much pressure.  I’m really happy to be more useful around the house.

I got more into actually writing code for the little video game project.  It had mostly been research so far about the new system I want to use.  And I’m slow so everything goes sort of slowly.  Partly the anesthetic still wearing off and partly some fogginess from the pain meds.

I’d like to sleep in a bed but practicing getting in and out of bed, it still seems pretty challenging.  I’m very cautious with some movements and I just don’t have the confidence yet so it will be the recliner for a few more days.

Given how I’ve been feeling lately, and the amount of writing I need to do for the blog to be ready, I’ve been thinking of delaying it’s launch by another week.  That would be a 3 week buffer but I can’t really predict today how long it will take to finish writing and editing the initial weeks worth of posts plus the background posts I want to do.  I’m a little concerned it may require a LOT of editing given my mental state while writing so far…