Day 10 – The Good Place

The Good Place
I recommend this TV show.

I woke up a bunch of times during the night and eventually stayed up for a while at 3am.  I was hungry and finished up with The Good Place.  Very nice ending to season 1.  Not at all expected and I would be equally happy with it stopping there or trying to continue.  That was fun.

My Girlfriend texted she got to the airport and would be flying in a bit.  Yay.  I went back to sleep.  (Different time zones and sleep schedules…)

I feel a need to catch up on the blog but I’m still distracted by getting the iOS deployment of the game working.  I see a solution now.  I’ll look at that next week.

I had a lot more aches and pains today and not really sure why.  Except it sounds like the anesthetic tends to lodge in fat cells (of which I have some) and then are released slowly so maybe I’m feeling more sensation as a result.  I’ll live but it isn’t super fun.

We picked up my Girlfriend from the airport and all had a nice visit.  We made dinner (chicken and roasted vegetables).  And finally found a comfortable way to get the pillows on the bed setup and will try making that work.