qJumpStart My Heart | Day 902 - Sunday

Day 902 – Sunday

I spent a couple of hours gathering some business financial records.  Chris is going to help me simplify that part of my business and I welcome the help.  There are some things she is really good at and some things I’m really good at.  It’s a nice balance.

I accidentally made an omlet for breakfast.  It was accidental because I did not intend to make one.  We were out of cream and I was making scrambled eggs.  I happened on the right amount of low heat in the pan, got distracted asking Chris a question, and when I came back I had a nice disc of egg that could slide around the pan.  It was pretty rough yet for an accident it worked quite nicely.  I’ll keep experimenting.

Some trees are thinking about starting to turn colors for Fall.  It’s supposed to warm up a little later in the week and then get back to cooling down.