Day 901 – Saturday

As is often the case, Chris and I went grocery shopping today.  In times past, before the coming of the virus, I would sometimes drive Chris to work and then do shopping during the week.  These days with our feeling that she really needs to “decontaminate” after being at school and my work and meeting schedules, she takes the car during the week and I stay home during the week.  Sometimes venturing out for a walk, other times just working.

So these grocery outings remain fun and exciting.  I also had a craving for Mexican food so we went to the Rosemount Aldi and then down to Farmington where our favorite Mexican restaurant is.  The tacos are still good.  The up-sold me to some delicious guac to go with their chips.  What Chris ordered wasn’t as good and it was a lot of corn and carbs so we don’t want to do this often but it was fun.