Day 882 – Monday

Writing this from Friday (5 days hence) I realize I’ve been feeling some dread about the November election.

That is, of course, the strategy.  The RNC this week wants to either excite it’s base that it’s brand of racism, government corruption, and criminal ineptitude will give them what they want or make the rest of us despondent to the point of not voting.

Anyway, musings…

I was in the 2nd of three scheduled webinars with my new friend Brad.  We talked about how to create business relationships online.  It was fun.  He had disappointing news that his email marketing platform had cancelled his account and his payments platform had cancelled his account.  He didn’t claim to know why except they didn’t like what he was selling which he thought was ok to sell.  I think it was some slightly dodgy affiliate marketing products.  I’m hoping I can help him make some different choices.  He’s a genuinely nice guy and has some business interests that are VERY different than mine.

Weather is a bit warm here.  Humid and in the high 80s.  It looks like it will change next week.