Day 881 – Sunday

Today Chris and I did some serious grocery shopping.

I had wanted to but more food ahead in case we end up in quarantine since Chris is going back to school.  It seems very possible her section of the school could be shut down at any point if a covid outbreak occurs where even if we don’t get sick, we may end up in quarantine waiting for tests to come back.

So I wanted more food on hand.  At the very least to replenish meat supplies in the freezer and get more frozen vegetables.

We did a run to Sams where we got delightful quantities of meat including a full beef brisket and a large pack of pork ribs.  There came a point at Sams, though, where I started to feel uncomfortable being there and we made a fast completion to that shopping.  It wasn’t any one thing, and it didn’t seem that crowded, but just too many people and too big a store and probably not enough recent experience being out around a bunch of people.  Which I don’t want to do anyway.

We went back to Chris’ house and we portioned up all the meat into freezer bags.  Then went out to Aldi and the Vietnamese store.  I wanted to get stuff for curry and the needed ingredients so I could use up the rest of the Pho broth that I have in the freezer.  It’s no use having Pho broth if you don’t use it to make Pho, I figure.  So soon we will do that.

Meatballs and red-sauce for tonight, though.