Day 859 – Sunday

Chris and I went over to the Capoini Art Park.

We did a longer walk this time and went down and up some of the hills. Walked down to the labyrinth and followed it’s path and then up the grassy slope back to the top. It was about a mile round trip and Chris was able to walk it without any pain.

We did some grocery shopping after and the next door neighbors with the successful garden gave Chris some fresh herbs. They offered bundles of parsley, thyme, and tarragon.

The thyme went into meatballs, parsley into the zucchini and mushrooms I cooked, and tarragon into a ham and mushroom egg bake.

They all added a nice deliciousness. I’m definitely inspired to grow herbs here. I want to look into indoor options as well as more planting areas outside when it gets green outside. Chris and I realize the front patio area would probably be perfect for next year.

I found some interesting recipes for cream custard desserts I want to try. I’ve been thinking a lot about a coffee one and have a plan for that, also an orange or lemon one. And then I found a recipe I had saved for a Vietnamese Pad Thai flavoured creme brulee that looks strangely delicious. So I have some things to experiment with.