Day 857 – Friday

Had some calls today and I kept playing with backgrounds for my online meetings.

Yesterday for the mastermind call I decided I was tired of the walls of my current office being so blue. I took a picture from my web camera, brought it into my paint program and made it black and white. Then used a black and white still of my office as my conference background. For the mastermind folks who are used to seeing what I normally show it seemed normal, except black and white.

Now I’ve gone in and painted out everything but the window, lamp, and bookcase. Replacing the rest with a wallpaper pattern and stock photo bookcase. It has a strange real / fake look to it. The limitation now is I don’t have a green or blue screen and so the video edges aren’t as crisp as they can be. In a couple weeks a portable blue screen will arrive from Amazon and that will then be better.