qJumpStart My Heart | Day 829 - Friday

Day 829 – Friday

I had a couple of really good meetings. One is a coaching client and I’m pleased how easy I made things for her. My confidence and perspective let her see things she otherwise would not have seen. Well worth the price of admission.

Another call was brainstorming about a couple of business opportunities she and I are going to probably partner on. Both sound promising. More details later.

And then I had a pre-sales call with a guy who I had reached out to on Linkedin months ago and he finally got back to me. I went in with a set of qualifying questions I got from a business coach I have worked with. I updated them for this call and the idea is to ask the right questions about the person’s business, intentions, finances, etc.

It worked well and I was fascinated that for the call, most of what I did was ask some pretty personal questions about his business (like how many extra clients would it take for you to be delighted and how much do you make off of each new client). I said very little about what I do. In fact I volunteered nothing and talked briefly when he asked.

We have a follow up call next week. I don’t have any expectation that it will necessarily lead to business but I know enough to figure out if he can afford my retail pricing for what I’m going to recommend. He says he is “exploring” right now so he may not be serious yet. Or he’s lying and ready to buy for the right offer. We’ll see.

Dinner was take out from the Zinfandel grill. I had the usual. It was good as usual. It’s been a tiring and long week but I feel good. My todo list is getting low enough I am going to need to add more stuff soon.