Day 828 – Thursday

I did my preparation for coaching meetings last night so I had ample time to take a walk this morning before my 8am call.

I continue to get very good feedback from the help I’m able to provide talking to people, sharing my perspective on their work and communication strategy, and providing a confidently led direction.

In addition, the Mastermind Group meeting today went well as I had a good discussion topic prepared that ended up going most of the meeting time. The 3 people attending got a lot out of it and the meeting stayed on a good focus.

In the evening, I had take-out dinner with the twins. This time we were trying a Jamaican restaurant that sounded interesting. The food was ok but the meat dishes had a lot of bone vs meat which I don’t enjoy so much. The noodle place last time was better. It was a nice visit otherwise and the weather outside was nice.