Day 812 – Tuesday

I had a really good meeting with Trish the business coach I’m trading services with. She got me thinking very deeply about some problems I’ve been having with motivation and negative thoughts about myself. I’m impressed with her work. It’s very helpful.

This week I scheduled in specific time blocks called “Client Chaos” where I don’t schedule work but have open time for responding to client emails and random things that come up. It’s made the week feel a lot less frantic than the last two weeks.

However I’m also a little stuck because I”m focusing on work on my own business vs client work since I”m basically caught up on client work outside of calls. And I’m in the middle of trying to figure some things out about which market to approach for my own work. So not as frantic but also not feeling as productive.

I was very excited to hear my daughter Elizabeth was offered the job she interviewed for last week. It is a different more interesting position than she interviewed for. It sounds like the saw she was overqualified for what she was interviewing for and decided on a different direction. I figure recent college grads from Johns Hopkins with near 4.0 GPAs don’t come through their doors very often. #prouddad