Day 796 – Sunday

I wrote an email for Monday for my marketing list and got it off to my editor, Chris.

The premise is inspired by someone I spoke with last week. She was talking about company branding. Not in terms of logo and colors but how you behave in the marketplace. I’ve seen some other material discussing this as well in terms of sales process.

If you approach people in a really fake, hard sell way, then that is your brand.

Nothing earth-shattering about this but it fits with some other things I’ve been talking about lately so it works.

I wrote up notes for a call tomorrow where I’ll present a sales offer to someone I spoke with last week. She could use LinkedIn prospecting help and I’ll offer her my current full price which I know is a lot less than most people charge. Since she is from Sacramento, it is likely she can’t afford it even though she says she is actually in business.