Day 780 – Friday

The call with another contact from LinkedIn was especially interesting.

It was an experienced marketer working freelance and doing much larger things than I am. He is friends with another super experienced marketer I met in person in February. We had a good conversation about what he and I are doing. And it falls in the category of me wanting to associate with people above my “social stature” to learn and grow.

So, really nice guy, gave me some pointers, and I learned more about a marketing training program that I’ve signed up for. It’s an online training that started in the Twin Cities and confused me when I looked at it before because the monthly price seemed too low. He explained more what it involves so I signed up and have more to learn.

I made progress on a marketing project I’m doing for myself (more news on that on the upcoming Monday episode).

And we had a BBQ in the front yard / driveway. This isn’t uncommon.

It was fun and a really pleasant evening.

At this point I started having more confusion about the passage of time.

I’ve never seen a change of seasons in Minnesota before.

When I got here it was winter and there was a little crust of snow and it was cold. Then a bunch more snow came and stayed for a while. And it was still winter. Then it was brown. And now everything is bright green and blooming.

As I’ve observed before, when it’s spring and summer here there is NO evidence that it can also get to -20F sometimes. None at all. This can be confusing to my California sensibilities.

I really like it.