Day 779 – Thursday

Today I was pretty angry at the world at large. Mostly due to the utter utter incompetence of the president in washington and his team.

(“Only the best people…”, “You’re going to get so tired of winning…”, “There were good people on both sides…”)

My coaching meetings were very good and I was able to provide good help and advice.

The mastermind group today was a bit more disjointed. I didn’t have an agenda planned and I should have. But the conversation was still good.

There were 6 of us on the call. This is more than I ever had for the previous free mastermind group. I find it good to note that once I made it exclusive via pricing, there has been more interest in attending.

Also, I completely screwed up my email marketing sending yesterday, having sent an announcement to my ENTIRE email list about the group with the attendance link. Rather than just sending to the mastermind list.

So I was thinking a bunch of people might show up as a couple of people expressed interest. And for one who wasn’t interesting to me I was able to explain the pricing.

So I get more people to attend, it is perceived as having value due to the price, and I can be even more selective.

Also, no one who is attending at present is paying because they are either current clients or there is some other arrangement.