qJumpStart My Heart | Day 746 - Saturday

Day 746 – Saturday

We had Easter dinner tonight because of Chris’ daughter’s work schedule so I got up early to make the cheesecake. I think I found the recipe I made a few years ago which I thought was the best I ever had. It has less sour cream than others I’ve made (only 1/2 cup) which was a difference I remembered. The cake cooks in a water bath and cools in the oven. It came out very well. No cracks. Delicious flavor. Everyone was pleased. I’d add a bunch of citrus zest nest time for additional flavor. (I don’t normally do anything but plain cheesecake).

Dinner also included ham from the Greg’s Meats prepared hog (also delicious), asparagus, and Norwegian potato dumplings. I’m not into the potato dumplings but it’s a childhood favorite of Chris, Ellie, and Laura so that was fine.

We also decorated Easter eggs.

And Chris and Laura and I watched about half of Fellini’s film 8 1/2 which is strange and wonderful and highly recommended. I don’t think Laura was crazy about it but Chris and I will finish it later.

Somewhere in there the twins and I talked for about another 90 minutes since they got their Easter treat box from me today. Still talking about pandemic a lot.