Day 745 – Friday

The president in washington tweeted out “HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY”.

I think an appropriate response is “happy Good fucking Friday to you motherfucker”.

So many things it’s probably best I don’t put on social media…

I finished up some rush fixes to a Jazz website I started maintenance on last week. This is a non-profit with some of the same people as the other Jazz related non-profit I help out. They are paying me and are very appreciative I was able to jump in quickly.

I also accepted a rush job for my puppetry client. He lost a big contract with LA schools when they shut down due to the pandemic. And now he has a smaller but still large opportunity do perform live over the Internet and needs some quick website changes to do this. We figured out terms and I’ll be doing some work over the weekend to get it ready for next week. Money is good for the amount of time it will take me.

And then my daughters wanted to chat so we did a video conference and ended up talking for about 2 hours. It was nice to see them and them to see me. Most of what we talked about was the pandemic and I suppose that is what most people talk about. That along with discussion of race and gender in modern life. I love my daughters and the interesting conversations we have. Very fun to hear their thoughts.