Day 738 – Friday

There is a LOT to do.

I’ll be continuing work on some of it over the weekend.

I was finally able to start a website migration in the afternoon and due to technical issues on the existing website and with the web guy who built the site, it took far longer than expected but I was successful. One of my existing clients came to me asking for help in a website at another non-profit they are involved with and I said yes. Due to problems with members of that non-profit (sounds like another case of a narcissistic partner) they needed to get the website back under their control and changed. I’m happy to help and they are paying and they are a really good client, but it took a bit longer.

Then two new LinkedIn prospecting projects that are starting up now. And finishing an email sequence. And getting more emails ready for next week and other writing. Plus notes and curriculum development for my now two coaching clients.

It’s good to be busy.