Day 728 – Tuesday

I’ve been trying to get people to come hang out with me online during “office hours” and I scheduled two times for it this week.

Ultimately I overestimated how much people I know want help with their businesses. Or I’m selling the benefits of it wrong. Or something.

But for todays I was doing a combination of Zoom conferencing to Facebook Live and learned a lot from doing it.

Last week the SF Bay Area coach I’m working with wanted to do one where he and I would interview each other with split screen. To do that you need the video conferencing and that can be linked to FB. But it was complicated to set up and didn’t work at the time.

Then I looked further and wanted to do a “Scheduled” FB live and realized there are a LOT of moving parts and steps. But from watching 2 YouTube videos on the subject figured it out. It’s remarkably complicated to set up AND powerful once you get the kinks worked out.

The key benefit is by pre-scheduling one, you get a FB post you can promote and get comments on about your upcoming event. Then that post magically turns into your live event at the appointed hour.

Really geeky but helpful for marketing. So now I’ve learned something new.