Day 727 – Monday

The most interesting thing today, outside of the usual Monday work stuff, was helping my daughter Elizabeth with a written application she was doing for school.

There is a process where she needs to write a bunch of short essays and then she will get a letter of recommendation from the school. That is as much of it as I understand.

There were a lot of different parts, maybe 15 or 20 or so. The “short” writing was limited to 700 characters. Then longer bits that could be 1500 characters or so.

I understand why this is hard to do for yourself. You have to promote yourself and talk about great things you’ve done. My daughter is humble like me so that isn’t a natural thing. I provided some advice yesterday and then Chris and I provide more direct written feedback for her to use.

Wordsmithing what she had written, taking the highlights and pulling them to the start of sections rather than buried at the bottom. Elizabeth said it was helpful.

And Chris admitted she likes editing so we realize there is an additional business opportunity for her.