Day 720 – Monday

Had my small mastermind group this morning. It remains the three of us regulars and I’m not actively trying to grow this group at the moment. As I bring on more clients in the world of email or finding clients on LinkedIn I’ll start additional discussion groups which are bonus offerings to what they are paying for.

That said, the group was good. Though one of the guys seems in pretty deep denial about the problems of pandemics. I think he watches a lot of Fox News.

Had a call with a finance person who isn’t interested in doing any new marketing right now. I understand why but isn’t what I would recommend. Still, it’s fine. I’m talking to a lot of people.

Chris had her last day of school for a while. Minnesota schools are going online in 2 weeks. Her’s is having their last day of instruction today then teacher planning / regrouping for the rest of the week. Then spring break. Then back to remote school.

I’m glad Chris won’t be around children for a while. Though she has been very good with wipes and sterilization and training her kids to wipe stuff down.