Day 716 – Thursday

I had several calls today and Chris has teacher/student conferences at school so I took her to school and knew she wasn’t going to be done till around 7pm.

One call was the first paid email coaching session with the guy who signed up for my big program 2 weeks ago. It was a good intro session. He has homework and is getting started on learning how better to email his marketing audience.

Then two calls where I sold my services without expecting to. They were both with people I had spoken with before.

One owns a real estate photography company. I did a free sample email for their list to great success but they didn’t want to hire me. She did but her partner thought I was too expensive at the time.

On this call we were just chatting about business and I talked about how I was coaching two different people on email. She asked more about that. I told about the expected outcomes and something about the two people. She asked price. I quoted double what I quoted at the presentation I did 2 weeks ago (that was a special price anyway). $2K for a 3 month coaching program. But if you pay in advance it’s $1700. Or 2 payments of $1100. etc.

She will have to talk to her partner but thinks it sounds really appealing. And it should. It’s designed to sound appealing.

The other call is someone whose website I revised. He is very successful in his niche and everything has been going well except a big contract just fell through the night before because COVID-19 closing schools.

And I was talking to him about how I got super busy meeting new clients through Linkedin. So he asked if I thought that would help him. It will, of course. He wants a price quote. We are talking next week.

One more call that was just a quick meet and greet. And then I went to get Chris at school.

Oh and someone else from Sacramento I’m helping on a marketing experiment he’s doing wants help emails his existing audience. We’ll talk tomorrow about that. He’ll pay and he’ll also want to cut me in on commission with what he’s doing. And I’ll happily do that. The guy is a sales machine and very successful at what he’s doing. I’ve talked to him several times and he’s another variation of my ideal customer.

Successful, smart, and doesn’t want to waste time doing stuff he can pay other people to do. I call that appropriately lazy. His goal is to work about an hour a day. It’s a good goal.