Day 686 – Tuesday

Today I had another call with the Sacramento marketing “guru” I had been referred to. While at first he sincerely sounded interested in working to me, I completely understand his ulterior motive.

His real business is getting other marketing people who can actually do work to pay him $500/month for the “opportunity” to be in his referral network. He will do his coaching and he may refer his clients to you. It sounds like a good system for him and he claims to have about 9 “members” so far.

So yet another thing where I’m supposed to pay for access to someone else’s network. All our conversations were part of his sales process and by the end, talking to him felt like playing chess to figure out what each move meant.

I countered that unless he wanted to hire me for work, I was too busy with my own incoming clients and prospects for any such arrangement. He would like to hear how things are going in a couple months for me. I may or may not remember to fill him in.

Had a good call with a new client and gave her homework to do.