Day 678 – Monday

My online mastermind group was today and we had only 2 of us since the other regular was having some urgent personal problems that had to be taken care of. So we talked about how I help people find business on LinkedIn and how I can do that for him. We’ll start on that soon.

Had a call with a client who was testing out how I find business for them on Linkedin. She has gotten a job and has almost no time for her business so that will obviously slow down. I have other people on the list for me to help them and I’ll get going with them faster.

Had a call with another Sacramento contact who has a successful business and we talked about something that I’m working on with him. Really good stuff happening there. It’s nice to work with people who are successful.

Chris got back from visiting her son and I picked her up from the airport in the evening. I’m really happy she is back.