Day 675 – Friday

We got up early (4am for me) so I could drive Chris to the airport by 5am. She flies to South Carolina to spend the weekend with her son. I’ll have the car. Her roommate and I promised not to have any wild parties.

I got one unsubscribe from my email list right away when the article about lard came out. I was pleased. There was a marketing message in the email. Two other people commented on that and three people clicked on the link to the article. So I’d say it was a success.

I had one call with someone who runs a conference for public speaking I was considering going to. Attending was pretty inexpensive ($49 for the weekend) and it’s in Austin which Chris and I were interested in going to. However, after talking to the organizer who was encouraging me to speak at the conference, I realized there was a fee to speak there as well as to attend. I guess the pitch is that there will be all sorts of amazing people in the audience who might hire you as a speaker if you do a good job speaking so you should be happy to pay $2000 to speak in a 30 minute slot.

You can also pay more for longer slots. I’m thinking that most conferences aren’t pay to speak so I’m not excited about that. Even going as an attendee I suspect it wouldn’t be a great networking opportunity.

On the other hand, the other call I had with someone from California I met on LinkedIn was more promising. We will likely work together in future but he wants me to speak, for free, to an online group he has. The idea will be I’ll spend 30 minutes teaching on email marketing to his group and have a special offer they can sign up for pay if they want more help. Then the groups leader and I will split the proceeds. We still need to work out the money part but that will work out fine.

And either people will sign up or I will at least have gotten more speaking experience.

We had game night without Chris and had a good time. I learned a new card game and we played one game of Catan. By that time I was tired since I got up at 4am.