Day 664 – Monday

Today was my twice monthly mastermind group. There were 4 of us, one who had not attended in a while that I reminded to visit. We had a good discussion.

Catherine was going back to Berkeley again since school starts tomorrow and I got to drive her back. I’m really happy for the time I’ve gotten to spend with her.

I did some searching for lunch options before we left and we tried Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers in Albany, just north of Berkeley. The street it is on is very cute. Nothing like Berkeley itself. More like it’s own small town with other interesting restaurants as well.

Barney’s was delicious. They have a big variety of large hamburgers. I had a blue cheese one with delicious, thick, crispy bacon. Catherine had Moroccan and said it was good. Their hamburgers start at 1/2 pound and use really good beef.

Looking at our hamburgers and others we saw there, they all looked like the hamburgers you see in photographs. Like when a fast food place wants to make their hamburgers look good and they create amazing photographs of gorgeous hamburgers. And then yours comes out and it looks flat and sad. Barney’s look gorgeous like in the pictures.

The milkshakes also looked good and we both had variations on coffee milkshakes which came infused with a large helping of coffee grounds. Next time it would be good to have the willpower to share a milkshake since they come out very large.

I would go back.