Day 649 – Sunday

I went with my mom to the downtown farmers market. Yesterday’s market was small due to rain so we needed more vegetables. She doesn’t go to the bigger Sunday market often and was impressed with the selection. It was a good selection of winter vegetables.

Back at the house I spent a couple of hours reading and reviewing marketing books. I decided I needed to spend more time reading and refreshing my knowledge and learning. It was time well spent. I need to produce a print advertisement for my business later this month (an opportunity that appeared Friday) and this reading at least refreshed me on what I techniques I don’t want to use there. Not listing a menu of services or trying to make the sale in the ad. Mostly likely, trying to get calls and start conversations.

I also continued guitar practice. Today I realized I wasn’t using the tip of my left pinkie finger enough so I watched that until my fingers started hurting too much. I don’t have thick callouses on my fingers right now so until those grow in, practicing too long starts to hurt too much so I stop.

At least I’ve mostly figured out how to shape my finger nails for good effect. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any of this so there is a lot to re-learn and remember. I’m still enjoying myself.