Day 640 – Friday

Breakfast was coffee with the two kinds of cream custard again. That is the end of dessert for breakfast. It’s Christmas week. I’ll be good at New Years.

I ran a couple of brief errands and worked today. Mostly preparation for a marketing experiment I’m running Monday. I want people from my mailing list to help me promote a post I’ll put up on LinkedIn. The idea is to get a lot of comments on a particular post which will get the post exposed to more people, increase views, and hopefully get more conversations started. I’ve seen other people do this. I’ll see how my version of it works.

Getting more conversations started is about finding more people to sell to.

For dinner we went back to meat (leftover rib roast) and the yummy vegetables we had been eating before Christmas (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, brussels sprouts). Simple food. It feels good.