Day 632 – Thursday

The Thursday networking group had it’s Christmas gift exchange today.

I had a box of chocolate from Walgreens (I forget the actual brand) and a rolled up piece of paper as my gift.

The person who first chose my gift made the interesting decision to read the piece of paper out loud. I suppose that was fair as it was part of the gift and trading / stealing was part of the game.

The real gift I was offering was to re-write the recipient’s LinkedIn profile to better attract their ideal clients. And people on my marketing email list have seen me write a LOT about how important that is. So she read my entire sales letter out loud. It wasn’t long but it was significant that it got read.

Because then the next person to get a turn stole it. And then the next one after that after which my gift was locked and it was hers. Mine was the only gift to get stolen the max amount. People saw the value of what I was offering. I was pleased.

I also had a brief meeting with someone from the group ahead of the meeting. We’ll talk more about business in January. I can probably help him in a number of ways.