Day 623 – Tuesday

The social media stats on my LinkedIn posts are going up rather quickly now. But the end of day, the post I did today had over 180 views and the two from last week had about 300 and 350 view respectively. I’ve never done posts that got that high a reach before.

I think its accelerating partly because the two posts last week were well received and partly because of the post my Minnesota client forwarded last week that now as of today has over 28,000 views as of this morning, he reports.

So I’m watching stats and wrote part of a small program in about 20 minutes to help me track those stats better. It will probably take 4 hours of finishing work which I won’t do any of for now.

I made a tutorial video for a client. I did some writing. And I’m trying to keep up with everything else that is starting to move faster.

I’m feeling frantically pleased.