qJumpStart My Heart | Day 622 - Monday

Day 622 – Monday

Had a quick lunch with Steve from the networking group. He is a little stubborn about some of my suggestions for LinkedIn but I think with the results I am starting to get, it will make sense to him in time (we will likely work together on something in January).

Then I tried some shopping. I went to a spice store and got some Christmas gifts. It’s an amazing store with every cooking spice and herb I can imagine. It was my first time there and it was fun.

Then I wanted to pick up a Wifi network repeater so I went over to Fry’s Electronics which always used to have a huge selection of electronic stuff. But that was 3 or 4 years ago since I had been there.

The first thing I noticed was the parking lot was nearly empty. Then very few employees. Then lots of shelves that were empty. Like the store is going out of business. Yet it isn’t, somehow. Reading online, the store chain claims all is well and they are just being more careful with inventory. To me it looks like they have 1 / 10th the usual staff and almost no inventory in store. I blame Amazon.

Then I went over to a nearby Best Buy store and they were open but didn’t have any commodity electronics. Just higher margin boutique stuff like a mini-Apple store, mini-Microsoft store, mini-FitBit store, etc. I left. I’ll order stuff online.

After dinner I had a call with a connection I made on LinkedIn early last week. This is a guy who teaches programming courses and reached out to me, wanting to talk, after I connected with him.

His problem is finding companies that want to hire him for his training workshops. He’s making enough money with 3rd party companies finding placements for him (he does 3 and 5 day workshops) but he wants to find these engagements himself and keep the extra placement fee.

I offered to try using what I’m learning regarding prospecting for a percentage of his fee. He liked the numbers I quoted and I’ll get back to him with preliminary info later this week. I’m excited.

Then the client I have in Minnesota points out one of his social media posts quoting one of my posts (so we are in it together) had reached 21,000 views on LinkedIn. A number that we both agreed was VERY high.

So something I’m doing on social media is now working. My LinkedIn posts from last week are still definitely doing better than the ones I posted before that with my prior strategy. This new strategy is better.