Day 620 – Saturday

There was some really nice rain today carrying over from the nice rain yesterday. It was pretty heavy at times. Not mid-west heavy rain but heavy for Sacramento.

We went to the farmers market to pick up vegetables and got drenched at one point. The farmers who were there selling were very happy to see anyone since most people stand away due to the weather.

My mother and Bob and I drove up to a place that sells almonds a little south of Chico. It’s a nice drive about 90 minutes North of Sacramento and their almond products are REALLY good. Their candy almond selections are dangerous but those I bought almost only for gifts. And then there are other savory almonds as well. It was a good trip.

I spent a couple more hours finishing the software from yesterday to scan LinkedIn profiles. I found some problems when I started to scan more profiles and then fixed those problems, found a few more, and then it was good enough.