Day 619 – Friday

I got my weeks mixed up and missed the every other Friday networking group I’ve gone to before. And I like that group. But I may also have gotten mixed up on purpose. It was nice to work in quiet.

I was overall a little down and also realizing why. I was inflicting self-doubt on myself because the semi-automatic prospecting I’ve been doing was going through a list of Life Coaches who REALLY aren’t my ideal client so no nibbles in that world. And while I know this the stats I was seeing fed into self-doubt which was silly.

However in the midst of that, I started a short programming project.

I try not to write software these days. I have too much else to do. However I need to get more data out of LinkedIn searches and get around LinkedIn keeping me from doing that. The automatic profile scanner I used before triggered some alarms at LinkedIn. I thought I could instead use Google searches to get high volumes of LinkedIn profiles. But there were some limitations there I didn’t like.

So I considered writing my own LinkedIn profile scanner. It let me investigate a software tool I’d been wanting to try. Within an hour I proved out how well that tool work. And a couple more hours and I had a simple software tool that could pull out high volumes of LinkedIn profile data from search results (I only need one very specific piece of data per profile). My tool is more stealthy, I think, than the last one I was using.

Knowing how to write software was helpful this time. It was fun.