Day 613 – Thanksgiving #2

My Sacramento Thanksgiving was today.

I have traditionally cooked the Sacramento Thanksgiving dinner but since I flew in last night, my mom got weirdly inspired to try slow cooker Thanksgiving.

Bob still cooked the Turkey as is traditional in the outdoor gas BBQ. And it was good.

My daughter Catherine made her famous pumpkin cake and made the cranberry sauce. And I cooked brussels sprouts from the farmers market.

But my mom had 5 slow cookers with various wonders from lasagna to 4 cheese / dairy product mashed potatoes. Plus there were 4 desserts.

Catherine came over around 10:30am to make her cake and then she and I did a couple of errands. It was a pretty relaxing cooking day as everything slowly cooked.

I understand there was a couple of hours of chopping yesterday.

The results were delicious and much less time than what I’ve normally put into it. I’m very happy to accept a better way. There was a time where I would spend 3 days on the cooking for Thanksgiving. I was younger with more extra energy. Or felt I had something to prove? I’m happy to be more focused and constructively lazy.

Everyone had a good time and we weren’t too overly stuffed after.