Day 602 – Tuesday

I had two calls today, each pointed to desire for my Linkedin client prospecting product. I’ll start testing it on myself and one other person and presuming positive results, open it up to more test subjects and then paying customers. One call also reminded me that I’m good at technical sales.

I learned I was good at that when I worked with RocketLife. I was always the one talking about technical stuff to the sales and marketing teams at our bigger company partners. I have a knack for it. I sound trustworthy. A bit dry, actually. I’m not flashy. Confident in how I discuss technical matters and able to make the subject matter just understandable enough to a lay audience. It works.

I allowed myself to play with web servers for a couple hours. As I discussed a few days ago, I need to migrate all of them to a new setup so I don’t need to re-up the web hosting at one company in January. Today reminded why I’m careful when I do this as the two things I did that were supposed to be easy uncovered problems that I had to figure out. I took notes so those problems will be solved next time. Still, it was unexpected.