Day 601 – Monday

The weather has been really mild here for a few days. Highs in the high 30s. Lows probably in the high 20s. It feels really nice.

I drove my girlfriend Chris to work today so I could get some groceries later. She didn’t need to be picked up until 4:30pm so I was going to have a long uninterrupted time to work.

My mastermind group met this morning. This is the first of the daytime meetings and it went well. Only 4 of us but one new member who was very appreciative of the group. Then I had two phone calls after talking with people I’m recruiting into my LinkedIn customer finding service that I’m testing.

They are both interested. One ready now, one wants to wait until January. Such is the way of any sort of sales related stuff. I’ll be testing it myself.

Then got a bunch of other work done and picked up Chris.

Her nephew was in town so we all, including Chris’ daughter, went out to dinner. It was a nice visit.