qJumpStart My Heart | Day 590 - Thursday

Day 590 – Thursday

My girlfriend Chris had enough appointments after school that I opted to stay home. I worked most of the day and was pretty tired by the end.

One call I had led to a 3rd person in my list of people who want to try a new product I’m building to help businesses find more clients. I’m happy about that and continue to have a pull to getting this working soon. I’ll be able to start with them on it next week.

My evening Mastermind group was tonight. I had wanted to move the date and time to daytime and happily everyone in the group had a time slot that could work. Plus the two new people who wanted to join but couldn’t make that time will be able to make it.

It’s going to be Monday mornings at 8am Pacific every first and third Monday. This also means it won’t conflict with Thanksgiving this year. For me it means it won’t conflict with any of the multitude of possible theater, musical, and other performances that might show up on a Thursday evening.

And even though Thursday evening is a work night, some things we can’t pass up…