Day 578 – Saturday

I drove up to Apple Hill again this morning to pick up some treats for my daughter and get a few apples. I got apple fritters and donuts at the usual place and got a few Fuji apples from the other usual place. While I was waiting in the line to sample apples, people behind the counter were talking about their preparations for when their power will go off next.

Because there is more high wind weather coming this weekend so PG&E is expected to turn off power for a bunch of people so their power lines don’t cause fires.

Driving back down into the Sacramento valley there is a distinct brown line of smoke in the upper air and everything is pretty hazy in the distance.

I got some Facebook Ads set up for my girlfriend Chris’ Son’s of Norway website. We have wanted to try advertising for their t-shirt and other garment products with their “Norsota” logo on it. There were a bunch of little details I had to take care of (and research yesterday) in order to be ready to do it right. This will be a 7 day test to see what happens. They have gotten some sales from people just posting pictures of the products on FB so we are hoping paid ads will do something as well. It’s a small money test.

I also filmed about 1/2 of the material I need for a talk I’m recording. I should be able to get everything filmed by tomorrow and get much of the way through the editing. I want to get this completely done so I can move on to the more important next video project.