Day 572 – Sunday

Today was my return day from Disney World. I had a 10am flight so we didn’t have to get up super early. I had breakfast and we chatted for a bit and then my mom and Bob drove me to the airport.

On the way to the airport I saw an alligator. A real life alligator. As we were driving I was looking at the ponds and banks around the ponds that we drove past. In one, I saw the head, eye, and snout of one just above the water line. I’m surprised at how excited I am to have seen this. I really would not want to live in Florida…

The flight back was easy. I read some, took notes for a talk I want to film when I get back, and listened to some podcasts.

My car was where I left it, I drove back to the house and Panther was very happy to see me. I went to bed early. I was pretty tired but I didn’t want to wake up at 3am Pacific time so I didn’t go to bed too early.