Day 549 – Friday

I had a couple of calls including one with someone from my old company.

Any contact with my old company is sort of like running into an old boyfriend or girlfriend where things didn’t end well. It’s weird and uncomfortable. They are making a big change to the business that will require stockholder support.

I said supportive and civil things, I gave my enthusiastic support. And that past is something I try not to think about much since I spent so much time there doing things that weren’t working. There remains a sense of loss. And I’m very happy I’m no longer there and have no regrets.

This distracted me for some of the day. After dinner, the call of ice cream remained too strong so I went to Vic’s. The cherry amaretto seemed a little icy. But the mocha chip was near perfect and made me very happy. This is better ice cream than what I had last in the Twin Cities that had been brought in from Wisconsin.

I also brought my iPad and keyboard along and sat in a park and wrote for a while. Got a bunch of sketches for articles and emails done and words flowed pretty easily which was a nice change over earlier in the week. I felt better after that.