qJumpStart My Heart | Day 548 - Thursday

Day 548 – Thursday

At the networking group today I met some interesting people. Also got to spend 2 minutes improving before an audience about what I do. I related the software work I used to do and the related problem solving there to the same sort of intense problem solving focus I apply to marketing problems..

Met with a payments guy. What does that mean. He goes to retail businesses, restaurants, stores, etc, and sells them credit card processing services.

I would think this is pretty generic but there are a lot of fees involved and depending on the strategy of the salesperson, you can reduce fees in exchange for less commission. But it’s recurring revenue based on the gross receipts. So there is some real money in this. I was impressed with his apparent sales skills and wanted to chat. It’s good to talk with more successful people.

Still talking to one lead for email services. They need to talk with partners to see if they are going to move forward.

My evening mastermind group went well. It continues to be more effective than the online networking. I’m pleased this group is real.